The land originally belonged to Hudson founder David Hudson. After his death, his daughter Anna Maria sold a large parcel to Harvey Baldwin as an investment. The lot, with the original small, simple house, was later sold to John Winborn, a laborer. The house has had many owners, additions and remodels. It fell into disrepair in the 1930s and was remodeled extensively by subsequent owners, including a two-story addition in the rear of the house.

When Betty and Ray King purchased the home in 1978, they renovated it to reflect 1862 historical accuracy. The front facade is symmetrical, and the gable is shallow with returns.

The house is a testament to houses that can have lives of varying lengths, and that houses do not simply live on their own, but are kept alive (maintained), killed (demolished) or allowed to die (neglected). Only through the care of their owners can their lives be extended and their integrity be safeguarded. Fortunately, this house was initially built well to withstand the tests of time.

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