About Us

Founded in 1962, Hudson Heritage Association works to protect historic buildings, the village streetscape, and the city’s Western Reserve architectural aesthetic. We encourage the preservation of historic buildings by providing research, resources and education to homeowners who wish to maintain their historic homes and co-sponsor the city’s work with the Cleveland Restoration Society. HHA also works with building owners to help them meet historic marker requirements and identifies those buildings with the HHA historic marker. We also share and celebrate the history of Northeastern Ohio by publishing books and newsletters, conducting workshops and field trips, and hosting monthly meetings that feature local preservationists, historians and craftsmen.

HHA is funded primarily by our dues-paying members. Membership at various levels is open to any interested individual or business. We welcome your support for the work we are doing and invite you to become involved.



Our Mission

To urge the preservation of buildings that are fine or interesting examples of architecture;
To help in the enforcement of zoning laws and to foster good taste in new building;
To maintain the character of the Green and its surroundings as the central feature of the village;
To encourage the planting & care of trees in the community;
To cooperate with other organizations devoted to the same ends.


Board Members and Officers 2019-2020

Christopher Bach, President
Pat Rydquist, Vice-President
Kathleen Russell, Treasurer
Haley Rice-Becker, Secretary

Board Members:
Christopher Bach
John Campanelli
Nancy Forhan
Donovan Husat
Phil Leiter
Liz Leonard
Linda Matty
Françoise Massardier-Kenney
Joann Moore
Diccon Ong
Haley Rice-Becker
Ginger Rogers
Kathy Russell
Pat Rydquist
Rob Swedenborg
Curt VanBlarcum
Inga Walker


Photography & Photo Submissions

All photos used in this site and in our print materials have been generously provided by Tom Vince and the Western Reserve Academy historic archive, Alan Doe and Eric Hancsak.

We are always looking for more photos of these amazing properties! If you have relevant photos of your HHA-registered property you would like to share, please email them, in high-resolution RGB JPEG format to: hhaphotos@about350.com