This Late Federal/Greek Revival brick house was originally one and one-half stories. It was later expanded to two full stories. The clapboard addition on the north side seems to have been built within ten years of the brick core.

Anson A. Brewster built and occupied this house while waiting for the Brewster Mansion at 9 Aurora Street to be completed. It originally faced Division Street and acquired what was then considered a more desirable address by moving the front door to the College Street side.

Brewster, who had been apprenticed to Zenas Kent, a merchant in Franklin Mills (now known as the City of Kent), subsequently apprenticed Charles W. Farrar, originally from Vermont, as his own clerk. The firm of Brewster and Farrar was located at the Brewster Store at 5 Aurora Street. Farrar lived in Brewster’s home for some time before purchasing it in 1850.

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