It is to be hoped that this is the final resting place of the Chloe-Wright house, as it has been moved twice. From 1835 until 1909, it remained on its original site at 2566 Hudson-Aurora Road. In 1909, it was moved 200 yards to the northwest and, over the years, became known as the Grissom farmhouse. It was bought from housing developers by Katie Coulton in 1983, moved to its present site and restored by Don Reisig. The original barn was never moved from the first farm; an outbuilding from its second site, the Grissom Farm, serves as a garage for this house. There are additions to the original Greek Revival structure at the rear. Heavy moldings, interior and exterior, reflect the late Greek Revival style.

This house is pictured in the 1874 Combination Atlas Map of Summit County as the George Bently House.

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