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The land originally belonged to Miles Baldwin, one of the seven sons of Stephen Baldwin, an early proprietor of Hudson. After Miles died, the land went back and forth in the Draper Family (as in Draper Cemetery). Moses Draper built the house in 1853. The property was sold to George Wright in 1874, but he did not live in the house. Wright sold the house with three-fourths of an acre as a land contract to Theodore and Emma Oyers, but they lost it because of financial difficulties. Ora and Mary Bradley then owned the house for 60 years, using it for tenant farmers or rental.

The clapboard, New England-style is one-and-a-half-story gable-ended with frieze and a rear addition, which gives it a saltbox look. Saltboxes are rare in Hudson. There are original drip caps on the windows and the graduated siding on both gable ends is something seen in New England but not in Hudson. The entryway is Greek Revival.

Tradition says the front windows were made longer by a former owner so grandchildren could see out.

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