63 College - Elizabeth Shaw House 63 College - Elizabeth Shaw House 63 College - Elizabeth Shaw House


When this house was built, the very latest Whittemore windows were used, possibly for the “bullet latches.” Wood-burning stoves heated the house, as fireplaces were a thing of the past. The basement was a generous sandstone crawl space accessed from an outside entrance. Greek Revival Influence is seen in the front door and window trim.

Elizabeth Shaw and her husband, Calvin, moved to Hudson from Massachusetts in about 1865 when they were in their early 50s and built this home in 1868. Because of the Civil War, there was a shortage of young men and skilled craftsmen to fill the demands of the burgeoning state of Ohio. Men like Calvin, a carpenter, were in demand to work on projects like the Congregational Church and the William Pettingill House at the corner of Hudson and Oviatt streets. In 1874 Harvey Baldwin and his wife, Anner Mary Hudson, daughter of David Hudson, added the Shaw House to their list of real estate holdings. It remained with Baldwin heirs until 1915.

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