111 Ravenna - Harvey Wadsworth


Described as a working man’s house, it has seen many changes and updates. It is low-roofed, front-gabled to the street with simple returns and has a one-story wing on the east side with a simple single chimney on the west. Corner posts from the original structure on the first and second stories are evident. The foundation is rough sandstone.

Harvey Wadsworth, a blacksmith, bought the property from Nelson Wadsworth, also a blacksmith. There is no indication they are siblings, both born in different states, but they could have been cousins. Tax records show the house was highly appraised for the time, likely due to railroad fever which was rampant at the time, and proximity to the railroad. In 1880, the next owner, Frank Rogers, manufactured chairs in the home. In 1900, Christina Deadly, a milliner and divorced wife of Michael Deadly, lived in the house.

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