Once used as a bank barn, it was converted for residential use in 1947. At the rear of the house over Baldwin Run is a beautiful stone bridge with a keystone arch from the failed Clinton Railway. The south section of the property became the Stonebridge housing development.

Hemon Hinsdale and his wife, Lucy, appear on tax documents in 1823. Hemon died in 831. At the time, Owen Brown owned the adjacent farm on the road, Spring Hill. His son Jerremiah married Hemon and Lucy’s daughter, Abi, and lived in this Hinsdale family home. After the death of Owen Brown’s second wife, he married Lucy Hinsdale in 1841. Tax records show a succession of Hinsdale owners until 1923. until it was bought by Mars Wager Realty Company with a plan to create the next Shaker Heights. The Depression changed that, and the land was farmed by Ambrose Linzell. A sawmill business behind the house was owned by Linzell’s son, Steven. Sadly, an accident at the sawmill in 1938 claimed Steven’s life, and the Linzell family moved to Hudson Village in the early 1940s.

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