This is a 1830s Federal/Greek Revival Transitional home, with a wide frieze, returns, frieze windows, lunette and decorated door cornice with dentils and pilasters.

The drop siding is more recent, probably a replacement when the house was moved to this location in 1890 from a yet-to-be-determined original site. A wraparound porch that had been added sometime during the house’s history was removed in the 1930s, returning the structure to its original style.

This house was once owned by James W. Ellsworth and was used as a guest house called Cottage No. 2. It is similar to 233 Aurora Street, also an Ellsworth guest house, called Cottage No. 1. The main cores are identical, and the lunettes and windows are exact duplicates.
Notable features include the many nicely proportioned windows, 8-over-12 in the upper story and 12-over-12 below, and the beautifully balanced facade with the off-center door.

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