Built by Mary Keevan, this house has been on its current site only 74 of its 100 years. It was built in 1888 at the northwest corner of Ravenna and Oviatt Streets and, in 1910, found itself in the path of the railroad as it was being rerouted. It was saved by Perry N. Shiveley.

Mary Keevan’s in-laws arrived in Hudson in 1850 after immigrating from Ireland. Her father-in-law, Thomas Keevan, worked for the railroad and was a saloon keeper. He bought this lot in 1858 from Anson Brewster. He eventually owned six lots in the area.

The house is typical of Hudson construction in the late 1800s: front-gabled with a wrap-around porch. There is a lower gable and a possible second story addition at the rear. Decorative detailing in the front gable has been removed; the wood shingles cover tongue and groove siding.

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