Morley Cottage, located on the grounds of Western Reserve Academy, was built between 1835 and 1836 by Ansel R. Clark, who was editor of the Ohio Observer, a pioneer newspaper in Ohio. The main core is two storied, with a front gable, frieze and returns. Symmetrical single-story wings on each side incorporate entry doors with four-pane sidelights. The original two-panel entry door is now located in the west wing. The six front windows are 6-over-6 and 6-over-9, with panels under the window casings. A renovation in 1960 strengthened the substructure. New siding was installed at that time, covering the old.

Later occupants of this house included Elias Loomis, the astronomer, and William Pettingill, who was Western Reserve College Treasurer from 1863 until 1869. It was occupied from 1869 until 1882 by Edward Williams Morley, a nationally known scientist, who computed the atomic weights of oxygen and hydrogen. Einstein credited Morley’s discoveries with contributing greatly to the development of the theory of relativity.

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