60 Division - N.W. Shaw Grocery 60 Division - N.W. Shaw Grocery 60 Division - N.W. Shaw Grocery 60 Division - N.W. Shaw Grocery


Many coats of paint now cover the sawtooth patterned, shake shingles on the exterior of this foursquare building. Additions were made in 1905 and the 1920s. The roof pitch is shallow with a generous overhang and simple brackets for décor. The foundation is tile blocks.

This building’s original address was 41 College Street. When the owners removed the store’s original front door, the side door, facing Division Street, became the main entrance. The address was then changed to 60 Division Street.

The property was originally part of a 1-acre parcel of land sold in 1850 by Western Reserve College to the John Kirby/Whedon Family. In 1874, William Noonan built the first house and further divided the property, selling it to Seymour Straight, who then sold it to Malcom McNeil. After a house on the property was destroyed, Nathan W. Shaw, a grocer, built and opened the building as a grocery in 1899/1900.

The structure later served as a doctor’s office, for both Dr. Bayard T Keller and Dr. Mason Daugherty.

The property had the first in-ground swimming pool in Hudson, During the Great Depression, Mrs. Lola Daugherty remodeled the building to incorporate rooms for boarding. Daugherty was a teacher and principal with the Hudson Schools, and she was the first woman to receive a master’s degree from Kent State University.

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