31 East Case - Nelson Case 31 East Case - Nelson Case


One of the most striking features of the house is the hipped roof with three lower cross
gables. Two small windows on the top and bottom of large panes of glass grace the top of the fourth story hipped roof. There is decorative, fish-scale-looking wood shingles and scroll type wood trim adorning the first and second story overhangs. Cantilevered wall extensions are also seen in the overhangs.

Nelson Case was a descendant of Chauncey Case, a pioneer from Connecticut, who had close ties to the Barlow Family and John Brown, a confidant of Nelson’s uncle, Lora Case. Nelson was a farmer and during the time he owned the property, many prominent Case family members lived there. Son, Henry Case, was instrumental in the first telephone company in Hudson along with Weldon Wood and James Ellsworth. Grandson Weldon Case served as the President of the Western Reserve Telephone Company. Grandson, Baxter Case, served as the President of the Elyria Telephone Company. Grandson, Theodore Case, served as President of the Ashtabula Telephone Company.

The house had many owners after Nelson passed away, and in 1952, Gust Kallstom bought the property. Gust was a developer and owner of the Hudson Plaza. In 1963, the house was moved 50 yards south to make way for the Covenant Church of Hudson of which Gust was a member and contractor.

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