This house was built facing the Village Green on the present site of 35 East Main Street by the son of one of Hudson Township’s original proprietors. Its second owner was William Dawes, who figured prominently in the abolition / colonization controversy in the 1830s. In 1838, it became the property of Edgar B. Ellsworth, who built the commercial building at 41 East Main Street on the adjoining lot. Ellsworth lived here until 1874; his son, James W. Ellsworth, Hudson’s “second founder,” was probably born in the house and certainly grew up in it.

The house is Federal; the stairway and details in the moldings are similar in style and elaboration to the Baldwin-Buss Merino House and are from an early edition of Asher Benjamin’s American Builder’s Companion, 1806, known to have been used by Lemuel Porter, who was probably the builder.

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