47 Church - Samuel Bediant House 47 Church - Samuel Bediant House


The house is typical Gothic Revival or Carpenter Revival with the pitch of the roof and gable with steep pitch-label moldings under the shutters. Original off-center front and 6/6 windows with original muntins are still present. The foundation is cut and tooled sandstone.

Samuel Bediant (sometimes spelled Bedient) was a machinist and inventor of an agricultural locomotive used for threshing. The locomotive, built in his machine shop on this property, could be driven from farm field to farm field. Maps at the Hudson Library and Historical Society show there were two brick schoolhouses on the property. Information as to how the board of education acquired this lot was unattainable, but tax records of 1868 show Bediant had purchased the property. One brick building was torn down and the other was the machine shop.

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