This land came down from Persis Case (widow of Gideon) and the Baldwin brothers to Rev. Coe. In October 1845, Coe sold the land to Vernon Taylor for $250.

Taylor then built the present house, though there is no evidence he ever lived there; in fact, records place him in a variety of other locations. However, Taylor held onto this house and property until his death in 1866.

At that point, George Darling, minister of the Congregational Church, became the owner, keeping it until 1874.

Mary Judd, wife of Hudson businessman Samuel Judd, bought it and owned it until 1910. Judd added land with a house built by John Chapman to her holdings. Tradition has it that their daughter Jennie, wife of Dr. Frank Hodge, lived there. However, Samuel Judd was in real estate, so these all might have been investment properties.

Dr. H.C. Waite used it for an office at the turn of the century, and archival photographs show the home displaying his “shingle.”

The main structure has two additions at the rear, one with a sandstone foundation. The style is true Greek Revival with a pedimented front gable with wide trim, frieze, architrave and shiplap siding. The entry door has a shelf entablature, pilasters and sidelights, the door itself was patterned after an Asher Benjamin doorway with Greek Revival fret design. There are two one-story additions to the rear; the first, because of the sandstone foundation, may be an old house moved against the main structure.

The windows are 6/6 and 9/6, double hung. There is an exterior chimney to the east, with evidence of two former chimneys inside. Inside, old moldings and paneling still exist. In the attic, large beams and wide floor boards can be seen.

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