Lori Williams and Michelle Collins discuss the history of Hudson schools, outling their research for their book “The Chronological and Pictorial History of the Hudson Public Schools.” (November 2018 program)

Tom Vince discusses the life and times of Lincoln Ellsworth (April 2017 program)

Founders and early years of Hudson Heritage Association, a presentation from Tom Vince (September 2011 program)

Hudson Heritage Association honors Don Reisig (October 2013 program)

HHA bestows a Historic Marker on the Baldwin-Buss-Merino House (May 2008 program)

Hudson Clock Tower: A history and tour of the Hudson, Ohio Clock Tower on the anniversary of its 100th birthday.


Home Heritage Program: 2 videos from YouTube and Hudson Cable TV

Hudson Cable TV Video


HHA-registered property, Charles S. Witty House (1880), featured in Ford TV commercial: