This house relates to three different periods of popular architectural styles. The first house on this site was an 1826 Federal, which can still be seen at 30 Division Street. In 1889, A. W. Lockhart, who operated a bakery in the connecting Ellsworth Store, removed the Federal house and built on the same foundation a gable roofed Victorian era house. That house was completely renovated in the 1930s, changing the gable roof to a hipped roof, rearranging the front windows, removing the side porch and replacing the porch with a bay window. The interior, too, has been much changed, although some original trim and flooring remain.

A.W. Lockhart secured his place in Hudson’s history as the owner of the saloon (at the approximate location of Kepner’s) where the great Main Street fire of 1892 had its origins. The cause was never discovered, but, since all saloons on Main Street were slated to be closed under a newly enacted “dry” law, unkind rumors circulated.

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