2727 Hudson-Aurora - Whedon Hinsdale 2727 Hudson-Aurora - Whedon Hinsdale


Although the exterior roof moldings are bold Greek Revival, the pitch of the roof indicates that this home was constructed before the Greek Revival period. The ceiling height of the first floor is only about 7½ feet, and the second-floor ceilings are lower, at just over 7 feet, supporting the pre-Greek Revival period.

This property was leased to Hemon Hinsdale by Deacon Benjamin Whedon from 1823 to 1826, and it is unclear whether the house was built by Whedon or Hinsdale. Hemon Hinsdale purchased the property in 1826 and died in 1831. Owen Brown owned Spring Hill Farm next door. After Brown’s second wife died, he married the Widow Lucy Hinsdale and moved into this home already occupied by his son Jerremiah and his wife, Abi, Lucy and Hemon’s daughter. An east wing was added, probably in 1841 by Owen Brown, a known builder.

Tax records indicate Jerremiah and Abi lived here until they sold to Lauren Hinsdale. A succession of Hinsdales lived in the home for over 90 years.

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