5114 Darrow - William Hibbard House 5114 Darrow - William Hibbard House


New England style with a symmetrical facade, the house has heavy returns at the roof lines and a wide band of trim just beneath the shallow pitched gable roof. In the 1970s, this house was moved from Meadowlark Lake on Hudson Drive in Stow Township to the present location. In its original location, it was an abandoned and dilapidated meat packaging company. Since the move, siding has been replaced, and the new front door is a copy of the Baldwin-Babcock House of 1834. An addition was also constructed to the rear.

The house was built by William and Catharine Hibbard who moved to Stow Township from Ireland in the late 1820s to farm. The original 44 acres was bought from Joshua and Ruth Stow. Growing to 100 acres, the home and property remained in the Hibbard family until 1934 when the property was sold to developers.

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